Jonathan Broscious

Jonathan Broscious

“It really is a concern that job opportunities are leaving. I think Newton has tremendous potential. I think there’s a workforce here that’s ready to go to work, that’s ready to start making a great living for their families.

“But the disadvantage that I see is that we are so close to Indiana, where it’s such a more business-friendly environment. Tax structure, workers’ compensation, union rules, I mean you could go on and on down the list. Indiana has a leg up on us. So when a business is looking for a place to build, to make a manufacturing facility or whatever they’re looking to do, why pick us when Indiana is just 45 minutes away and has all those benefits?

“So that’s tough. That’s really hard …

“Newton’s ready for new. There’s a lot of small towns out there that are very closed, very turned off to anything new, anything exciting, anything they don’t understand. That’s not Newton. That’s not Jasper County.”

Jonathan Broscious
Newton, Illinois

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