Robyn Murov

Robyn Murov

“My husband and I work for a school district. Neither of us have been, nor plan to join the union.”

“I think our story is pretty normal. I’m voting no because a.) I think Pritzker has too much power and he just keeps trying to find ways to raise taxes and b.) I don’t think he should punish those who don’t want to see their paychecks go to union dues.”

“That’s not right or fair. Everything should be about freedom. So long as the freedom involves doing something that’s legal, moral and ethical, I believe there should always be free will and freedom of choice.”

“We must do our best to vote ‘no’ or vote out any politician or amendment that gets in our way or diminishes those freedoms.”

Robyn Murov
Culinary specialist
Glenview, Illinois

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