Vanessa Ortiz

Vanessa Ortiz

“I’ve lived in Chicago for 13 years overall, starting in 2005, and I have never been pulled over by CPD or Illinois State Police for speeding. The last time I received a speeding ticket was 15 years ago.”

“But there was one day where I went to go get coffee and I got a ticket on the way there and on the way back. It was a $70 cup. And of course, I didn’t know that until afterward when I got the notice for the two, I already received nine speeding tickets from the city.”

“And the max ticket was allegedly 38 miles an hour.”

“It changed the way I think about driving. It changed where I would drive and I found I was worrying about the speed I was going instead of the road.”

“I think the city needs to just find another way to raise money besides nickel-and-diming safe drivers.”

Vanessa Ortiz
Chicago, Illinois

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