What does Amendment 1 look like on Nov. 8 ballot?

What does Amendment 1 look like on Nov. 8 ballot?

The constitutional amendment question at the top of the ballot may not include the words “Workers’ Rights Amendment” or even “Amendment 1.” So what will it say?

On Nov. 8, Illinoisans will be asked to vote on a proposed change to the Illinois Constitution that would guarantee the pace of rising property taxes continues, block necessary reforms, invalidate hundreds of state laws and make Illinois an even worse place to do business.

This amendment at the top of the ballot has been called Amendment 1, also dubbed by proponents as the “Workers’ Rights Amendment.” But your ballot might not include either of those titles. So what will this amendment question look like on the ballot?

Some Illinois counties have published sample ballots for the 2022 election – these ballots can give an idea of what the amendment will actually look like on Election Day. An example of what the amendment could look like on your ballot is provided below.

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