Chicago school worker says she was assaulted for crossing picket line

Chicago school worker says she was assaulted for crossing picket line

Yedidah Reuben said two union members attacked her for trying to work.

A Chicago Public Schools employee who tried to go to work the first morning of the Chicago Teachers Union strike claims she was assaulted by two union members for crossing the picket line.

Yedidah Reuben is a non-union employee at Stagg School of Excellence in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood. Fox 32 Chicago reported on her claims.

Reuben said she arrived at work the morning of Oct. 17, but the school entrance was barricaded.

“I asked them what they were doing and they said I was a scab,” Reuben said.

“One of them started hitting me in the face and threw her coffee at me,” she said. “[I have] bruises from this incident.”

Reuben said she needed to work in order to provide for her three children, as striking Chicago school workers are not paid for the hours of school they miss.

CPS CEO Janice Jackson said 400 school workers represented by CTU and the Service Employees International Union have reported to work despite the strike, according to NBC’s Mary Ann Ahern.

Chicago teachers who choose not to strike have options. For any number of reasons – including loss of pay, disagreement with CTU leadership, or school responsibilities that they may deem too important to miss – some teachers may want to go back to class.

CPS workers can learn more about their rights during the strike here.

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