Nonprofit offers $5 million in grant money for Chicago families harmed by CTU walkout

Nonprofit offers $5 million in grant money for Chicago families harmed by CTU walkout

A nonprofit is dedicating $5 million in rescue funds to create more opportunities for students shut out of classrooms while negotiations between Chicago Teachers Union and Chicago Public Schools drag on.

Amidst the ongoing feud between Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Teachers Union, the D.C.-based Center for Education Reform announced a $5 million rescue fund through the STOP award.

The nonprofit’s STOP Award will grant money to assist schools or programs that can immediately start or expand existing schools for students.

“We are looking for entrepreneurial approaches that can demonstrate to Chicago’s leaders that in this century, children can learn and be taught even under the most difficult circumstances,” said STOP Award Founder Janine Yass.

CPS classes were paused Jan. 5 after CTU voted electronically to transition to remote learning because of Chicago’s rising COVID-19 cases. Mayor Lori Lightfoot responded by warning teachers they’ll be docked pay if they don’t show up.

Meanwhile, students and parents are being punished by the lack of compromise between city officials and the teachers union over COVID-19 testing measures.

The $5 million fund will go toward starting or expanding programs that offer in-person instruction or a hybrid approach.

“Our goal is to ensure that there are outstanding opportunities for in-person and blended learning for students who have continued to be failed by the Chicago Public Schools system,” said CER Founder and CEO Jeanne Allen.

Applications open Jan. 7 at 3 p.m. and will be accepted through January 14.

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