Judge upholds onerous Chicago food truck rules

By Hilary Gowins
Cook County Circuit Court Judge Anna Helen Demacopoulos squelched a ray of hope for Chicago food trucks Dec. 5 as the court upheld two of the city’s most oppressive regulations. In recent weeks, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has been coming after these small-business owners. But they’ve faced the city’s wrath for years, even after City Council...

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Court rules Evanston food truck case can move forward

By Jacob Huebert
The Liberty Justice Center’s legal challenge to Evanston’s anti-competitive food-truck law took an important step forward this week, as Cook County Circuit Court Judge Jean Prendergast Rooney denied the city government’s motion to dismiss our lawsuit’s claims that the city’s law violates the due process and equal protection guarantees of the Illinois Constitution. The Liberty...

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