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IL - House Bill 7
Assigned To Committee

School district efficiency

Creates a locally controlled process to reduce wasteful and unnecessary bureaucracy in K-12 education so more taxpayer dollars can flow to students and instruction where they do the most good. Creates a commission to make specific recommendations on the consolidation of school districts with a goal of decreasing the number by at least 25%, and as much...
Introduced Jan. 13, 2021
IL - House Bill 433

Citizens Empowerment Act

Creates a citizen lead process for reducing wasteful and unnecessary units of local government, to save property tax dollars. Provides that citizens may petition for a referendum to dissolve units of local government. Provides for the transfer of all real and personal property, and any other assets, together with all personnel, contractual obligations, and liabilities of the dissolving...
Introduced Feb. 1, 2021

Pension reform constitutional amendment

Modifies the pension clause in the Illinois constitution to allow for changes that would slow the growth in benefits for current workers and retirees, but still protects benefits earned for work already performed. Unlocks pension reform to make the system more solvent for retirees and more sustainable and affordable for taxpayers. Amends the Illinois pension...
Introduced Feb 22, 2021