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Brent Retherford

"This state is so wasteful and broken, and it just feels like politicians don’t care about us.”

Sarah Sachen

“CTU wants to keep pushing and striking for demands not even related to education and I don't want the CTU to have any more power to do that. Learning should not be impeded or stopped for the union’s political games.”

Patricia Bonk

“We must fix our state budget. Over 25% of the budget is pension payments, which is only going to get worse."

David Sheppard

"I want to make sure the voices of the mental health community and those with illness are heard. In order to get access to the things that they need, they must be heard."

Kevin Munroe

“I've never felt pulled to either end of the ideological spectrum. They serve a purpose and it’s important for people to be passionate about their beliefs. But my life experiences have always shown me that it's the middle way that creates the most impactful, pragmatic solutions.”

Jonathan Serrano

“I want to serve. I’m doing what I like to do and I’m helping small businesses. They’re the backbone of America.”

Alper Turan

“I’m thankful that my family has been able to pursue the American Dream, but our state has been in the wrong hands for many years causing economic and social downfall. I don’t want my state to stay this way for my grandkids. If I can take any steps to correct the path that we’re on, I am in.”

Zach Meiborg

“As business owners, we’re constantly up against headwinds at every level of bureaucracy and we’re exhausted from the fight to keep and extend more job opportunities here.”

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