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Larry Roberts

Larry Roberts is a Chicago barber who helps former inmates reclaim their lives and dignity through jobs training.  We first spoke to him in 2021. His school ran a barber shop inside the Chatham neighborhood Walmart until this spring, when Walmart abruptly closed that location and three others. Larry is looking for a new location...

Laurel Reutter

“The Nurse Licensure Compact is an agreement between states to recognize licenses for nurses from another compact state. Only 12 states aren’t in the compact, and Illinois is one of them, so Illinois nurses can only practice in Illinois.” 

Roni Facen

“Our kids here in this community deserve it. They deserve the opportunity to choose where they go to school and be provided with the best education possible."

Carly Hill

“I had gone to elementary school at a private school and actually still live in the town where I attended. And I loved my experience as a student. So, I started to explore the idea of my own children being able to go to the private school that I had attended as a kid and...

Aliki Marinos

Aliki Marinos and her brother, Frank, run Bel-Mar Wire Products, a small-scale manufacturing business founded by their father, Tom Marinos, in 1972. In December, they got a property tax bill 3.7 times higher than it had been the year before. To pay for it, they were forced to let go about half their staff. Now,...

John Jacob

“Without the Invest in Kids Act, these kids couldn’t afford school here and we couldn’t afford the extra scholarships. So, this has helped in so many ways.” “There are more kids getting the exposure to the education their parents desire. Also, it has benefited all our kids, not just the ones who received scholarships.” “A...

Steven Blake

Steven Blake was homeless for years until another man showed him how selling fruit in downtown Chicago could rebuild his life. Now Blake employs other homeless people who are working their ways off the streets. “I do not hire people who already ‘have.’ I want to train the ones and teach the ones to be...

Cathy Stuehmeier

“I’m preparing to retire now. I own newspapers. I’ve spent about 57 years in media. I started with the Centralia Sentinel, which was a daily local newspaper. I spent seven or eight years with the Sentinel and learned a lot from the past ownership.” “I was one of the first females to walk into the...

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