Madigan’s millionaire tax returns

By Naomi Lopez Bauman
House Speaker Mike Madigan couldn’t get a progressive tax hike on the November ballot. His next effort, to get an extension of the tax hike, has failed so far. Now, he is back with yet another money-grab scheme. Madigan has proposed an advisory referendum on the fall ballot proposing a millionaire surcharge. (An advisory referendum...

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Millions that migrate

By Michael Lucci
House Speaker Mike Madigan has proposed an extra tax on million-dollar incomes. His proposed legislation, HJRCA51, would amend the Illinois Constitution to impose an additional tax of 3 percent on income over $1 million. This tax won’t touch any millionaires who don’t want to pay it. They’ll simply leave, and they are well-equipped to do so. The middle...

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Madigan’s Chicago bailout

Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan is calling for another big tax hike – one that conveniently funnels hundreds of millions of dollars each year to his home district of Chicago. He and his legislative colleagues will have collected more than $31 billion in new tax revenues by the time the temporary tax hike sunsets in...

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