Brexit and Chicago’s potential bankruptcy

By Ted Dabrowski, John Klingner
Pension funds aren’t immune to the volatility of the stock market. Even before Brexit, Moody’s warned that low investment returns are already putting Chicago’s pension funds at risk. A major stock market correction or another recession just might put Chicago and CPS over the edge if their already-underfunded pension systems collapse.

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Detroit’s city pensioners vote to cut their own pensions

It’s ironic that Detroit government workers and pensioners, on the one-year anniversary of the Motor City’s bankruptcy, have voted to cut their own pensions. Their vote is part of a “grand bargain” bankruptcy restructuring that seeks private, philanthropic and state funds to help avoid massive cuts in government pensions. The bargain reduces Detroit’s debt by...

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Stockton bankruptcy: Federal judge hints that pensions ‘can be adjusted’

By John Klingner
The California city of Stockton’s bankruptcy case took an interesting turn yesterday. The big question surrounding the city’s bankruptcy has always been what might happen to city employee pensions. Most government advocates assumed that these pensions would remain untouched no matter what happened to Stockton’s finances. Now the federal judge in charge of the bankruptcy...

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The next municipal bankruptcy?

By John Klingner
Yet another city is heading toward bankruptcy. Desert Hot Springs, Calif., a city of 26,000 in the south-central part of the state, warned it could run out of money as soon as March 2014. If that occurs, the city could be forced to file for bankruptcy. If that happens, Desert Hot Springs will be the...

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