Civic Federation calls for tax hikes, opposes sensible reform in budget criticism

The Civic Federation’s criticism of Gov. Bruce Rauner’s proposed budget is a mixed bag, with its own proposals for Illinois’ financial crisis – including nearly $3 billion in tax hikes – missing the mark.

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Why are Illinois Democrats preparing to bail out bankers and cash-strapped local governments?

By Michael Lucci
Bailout bills moving in the Illinois General Assembly would attempt to turn Illinois’ massive debt problems into guaranteed profits for banks and bondholders and a lower standard of living for other Illinoisans.

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Illinois politicians vote to divert $300M from state coffers to fuel local spending

By Amy Korte
Despite Illinois’ billions in deficit spending and skyrocketing debt, the Illinois House of Representatives passed House Bill 278, which would transfer an additional $300 million per year of state income tax funds to local governments, continuing to prop up local overspending that fuels high property taxes.

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Illinois’ tax shell games means taxpayers can’t hold their governments accountable

By Craig Lesner
In 2015 alone, Illinois state government redistributed more than $12 billion in income and other taxes to local governments. These financial shell games have created a needlessly complex system and make it difficult for local taxpayers to hold their governments accountable.

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