Union representing Illinois state nurses has a history of prioritizing union jobs at all costs

By Mailee Smith
Privatizing some medical services provided to inmates in the Illinois Department of Corrections could potentially save the state $8 million a year. But the Illinois Nurses Association has a history of doing all it can to keep taxpayers on the hook for that money – and for union jobs that might not even be necessary.

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Illinois Supreme Court’s denial of quicker AFSCME appeal means taxpayers still on the hook for millions each month

By Mailee Smith
AFSCME obstructed progress for months on a new contract for state workers. Whether AFSCME and the state are at impasse in negotiations now sits with the Illinois courts – and the Illinois Supreme Court’s decision not to take a direct appeal of the case means taxpayers must continue to pay an additional $35 million to $40 million each month in health care costs alone.

TAGS: AFSCME: American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees, Bruce Rauner, state worker pay

Luxembourg’s ambassador sends letter to Illinois House leaders

By Brendan Bakala
Luxembourg’s ambassador to the United States has voiced objections to an Illinois House bill that would label Luxembourg a tax haven and subject corporations expatriated there to restrictions on investments and business dealings with the state of Illinois.

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