Did your state representative take Madigan money?

By Chris Lentino, Austin Berg
Campaign finance records reveal more than 60 sitting state representatives have received nearly $15 million from the state’s most powerful politician over the course of their careers. In turn, they often give him one of the most important votes he needs to maintain power: the vote for speaker of the House.

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Luxembourg’s ambassador sends letter to Illinois House leaders

By Brendan Bakala
Luxembourg’s ambassador to the United States has voiced objections to an Illinois House bill that would label Luxembourg a tax haven and subject corporations expatriated there to restrictions on investments and business dealings with the state of Illinois.

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Illinois lawmakers vote against bill to protect state workers from having their Social Security number shared with unions

By Mailee Smith
Through collective bargaining agreements with the state, government-worker unions require access to workers’ social security numbers – even if those workers are not members of the union. A bill protecting worker privacy recently failed to get enough votes to pass out of committee.

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